Interested in commissioning a portrait of family or friends?

Please read below for more information on the pricing and the process involved.

As part of the commission process, Jonathan prefers to talk with the client in order to discuss the following before scheduling the portrait commission:

  • Single or Multiple Subject(s)

  • Concept, Size, and Framing

  • Contract & Deadline

  • Summarize agreement with Client

A pre-sketch is drawn for the client’s review before proceeding with the final portrait. The pre-sketch review gives the client a good idea of the intended pose, color, and composition of the final portrait.

Every portrait is captured from a reference photo provided by the Client. Each heirloom portrait is hand-drawn with graphite pencil and created on an acid-free Bristol vellum board to ensure permanence for generations to come.

Commission Agreement

Commission prices are based on a single subject. The final commission price is based upon the size of the portrait and the number of subjects. Each additional subject is $50.00 added to the single subject price shown above. The prices will be established and sent in a quote to the Client before the portrait commission starts.


A deposit payment of $50.00 is required before the portrait commission is started. This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for the artist’s time and progression of the portrait. The remaining balance is paid upon completion of the portrait.

Reference Picture

The reference picture provided by the Client needs to display a clear representation of the subject's face and be a high-resolution quality photo. The reference picture will be reviewed before beginning the portrait commission.

In-Creation Process

Upon the start of the portrait commission, you will be sent (3) in-creation photos of your portrait’s progression as follows:

1. Pre-Sketch (10% - The initial sketch of your portrait)

2. Base Sketch (50% complete & review)

3. Final Sketch (100% complete)

Note: Additional in-creation photos can be sent upon request from the Client. Feedback is always welcome during the creation process of your portrait.


Revisions to the portrait commissioned are only allowed if the portrait is in its beginning pre-sketch process. Revisions cannot be made after the portrait reaches 50% completion. If a revision is needed or requested, the agreed-upon deadline stated on the contract will automatically be extended. If you determine that the portrait does not meet your standards at 50% completion, the commission process will stop and the contract will be dissolved.


All portraits will come in a Black frame ready to hang. The frame is included in the final price. Upon request, Jonathan Southern will work with the client to select a custom frame or mat that is appropriate to the drawing and the placement of the portrait. Custom framing, matting, shipping costs, and travel expenses are in addition to the final price of the portrait if requested by the Client.

Payment & Delivery

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, J.South Art Studio provides contact-free delivery and payment. Online payment can be made using CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo. Jonathan will send you an electronic invoice and receipt upon completion of your portrait commission. Other payment options are available upon request.

Delivery options include pickup from a safe location of your choice or shipment to your residence. Shipping and packaging fees will be added to your final commission price.