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My name is Jonathan Southern. You may also know me by my nickname, J.South. I am an heirloom portrait artist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. My artwork is inspired by family, music, and pop culture. I use color pencil, graphite pencil, and mixed media as my medium of choice.

What makes your portrait art unique or original?

My artwork is a synergy of photorealism with simple elegance and sophistication. The overall body of my artwork features a thread of color and positive imagery. Collectively I want people to see my portrait art as a way to commemorate people by capturing their essence and legacy.

What is an heirloom?

An heirloom is a valuable object that may have belonged to a family for several generations. Art history shows that many affluent families would commission a portrait artist to paint their family member, friend, or animal to commemorate, memorialize, and capture their memory.

What is the goal or vision for your art?

My goal or vision is to provide affordable quality portrait art people can pass down as a gift from generation to generation.

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